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Welcome to the Fenner Investments Ltd.

As you may know, Lightbus Technology Inc. is a General Partner of

Fenner Investments Ltd. of Richardson, Texas.

Lightbus Technology Inc. is a Texas Corporation. 

Fenner Investments Ltd. Is a Texas limited partnership

Lightbus Technology Inc. and its President, Peter R. Fenner, B.S., M.S in EE (Electrical Engineering), present patents he invented and are offered for license by Fenner Investments Ltd.

Currently, there are ten patents described in this site. 

If you or your company are doing any of these activities, you should be licensing these patents.

The patents apply to:Contact IPLC about FI patents

If you are interested in licensing options for any of these specific patents, contact Fenner Investments Ltd's and Lightbus Technology Inc.'s official distributor,International Patent Licensing Company LLC .

Fenner Investment's Patent Licensing Distributor is Mr. Jerry Amen at International Patent Licensing Company LLC.. You can email Jerry at IPLC. You can also just email IPLC with your questions to: info@iplcllc.com.

Click here to link to the USPTO  'Search Patents'  Full Text Database section of the USPTO web site. Once there, you can look up any of Lightbus Technology Inc.'s US Patents using only the patent number (without commas).

Just 'copy' the patent number you are interested in learning more about then 'paste' the patent number in the 'Query' (Help) field then press or select 'Search' on the screen. Remember, you do not need to use the number sign. Searches work faster without it.

The search is conducted of the US Patent and Trademark Office databases USPTO reporting results back on screen for the entered patent number.

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